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Independent Content Services Limited (ICS) are true gaming and betting multimedia specialists with a growing international focus. We can produce quality content in over 60 different languages, as well as offer translation services, and we currently work with a number of major operators in the gambling sector.

We employ a large network of specialist broadcasters, journalists and analysts who provide compelling content for sportsbook, casino, poker, games and bingo in any required language. We write hundreds of sports stories on a daily basis, generate bespoke feeds, create live applications, produce desktop alerts, broadcast live sports commentaries and event-based radio, build and design websites and carry out online marketing campaigns.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen strong results from our streamed audio football commentary services, which generate a significant response among in-play punters. Meanwhile, our editorial previews and rolling betting news feeds help to engage with punters ahead of events and keep them informed on any relevant betting opportunities.

Audio commentary is a perfect accompaniment to live in-play markets as the aural and visual senses complement each other. If coverage is not available with a particular bookmaker, punters will seek it out elsewhere, where they will often be targeted by other betting opportunities.

Our large team of specialist reporters also deliver compelling and thought-provoking articles and analysis on all sports of interest, with all levels of coverage provided.

1. News – Editorial

Football stands alone in terms of its popularity and tribal following. Many fans are desperate to find out the latest goings-on at their club, meaning there is a big market for reliable daily news coverage on every team. Our sites, such as ClubCall, have high authority and are structured to allow the user to discover any stories of interest quickly.

We provide daily audio and written updates featuring transfer news, injuries, team selection, gossip and more. Breaking news can be provided around the clock to cover important developments. Written stories can average 100 words in length and upwards, depending on your needs. Each story would be supplied with a unique headline, abstract and betting call to action if appropriate. We also provide SMS straplines for a number of clubs as well as breaking news services sent direct to mobile.

A suggested level of coverage:

Premier League: At least two stories per day for each club, with subsequent updates to cover important breaking news.

Championship: At least one story per day for each club, with subsequent updates to cover important breaking news.

La Liga: At least one story per day for each club, with subsequent updates to cover important breaking news. This can be in English, Spanish or any other language.

2. Match Previews

Comprehensive bespoke previews for EVERY match in the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League and Europa League, as well as other competitions on request.

Previews include stats analysis, form, head-to-heads, team news and potential tactics, along with client odds and specials where appropriate.

3. Football Commentary

Online radio is growing considerably and the ability to follow a match or event of your choice provides great engagement for punters.

Commentary works particularly well in a betting environment as aural and visual senses complement each other. Live odds and in-play betting opportunities are enhanced by an appropriate commentary as, unlike video, the visual senses are not compromised. Following a match or event through commentary also enables the punter to make more informed in-play betting choices.

We provide commentary on all sports, but football has the greatest appeal. We can provide commentaries in a range of languages and styles.

To make best use of the audio, we suggest making it available to punters in two ways:

  1. Embed the stream for a particular match in the corresponding in-play betting page. Customers can then click on an audio symbol to hear that match.
  2. Provide an always available radio button which opens a player (like the example below). The menu allows listeners to switch between games or sports.
Media Player

Media Player

ICS can supply at least 720 matches per annum in any language including English. This includes:

  • The Premier League
  • Leading weekly games in La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga
  • The top Champions League games
  • The top Europa League games
  • Major Cup finals
  • Selected internationals
  • All World Cup 2018 matches

Other leagues and languages are available on request.

4. Live Match Text Commentary

Our live match text commentary service covers the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League and Europa League (along with any other league on request).

Grand National Infographic

Opta Text Commentary

Epsom Derby

Teamtalk Text Commentary

ICS provides entertaining and compelling minute-by-minute text commentary on all games with an average of 60 updates per match. Our text commentaries capture the flavour of a match and are updated to include all important events such as goals, red cards, yellow cards and substitutions. Our commentaries are written in a flowing and engaging style and also highlight other important aspects of the game including tactics, form, periods of good and bad play, and key refereeing decisions.

5. Horse Racing Commentary

ICS is the official distributor of horse racing commentary for all race meetings in the UK and Ireland. With many meetings scheduled daily and races every few minutes, Great Britain and Ireland’s horse racing commentary service provides fantastic engagement with racing fans. Listeners to our horse racing commentary radio service are by definition punters who want to follow the excitement of their betting and are often valuable customers and regular bettors.

Racing is a trusted and popular sport which is growing in interest worldwide. We can provide commentary in a range of languages as well as English. Meanwhile, BeforeTheOff provides premium racecard analysis and up-to-the-minute information on all UK and Irish racing.

We can also offer:


Bespoke betting news – ICS can provide any number of horse racing betting stories based on the betting markets available on your site. Our articles can highlight value bets and help to engage punters with all of your horse racing offerings.


Unique detailed previews for each day’s racing with best value pointers concerning interesting runners, written solely around your odds.


Audio commentary is a perfect accompaniment to live in-play markets as the aural and visual senses complement each other. When a punter is listening to a race, they seek an associated visual experience, which of course is the live odds or betting messages in front of them. This is why betting turnover increases so markedly when there is an associated commentary available. You can listen to a demo of our horse racing audio service here:

6. Football Live

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, our compelling live radio show, Football Live, brings you live score updates, match previews and reports. All major European leagues are covered, including those in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and the Netherlands. We also cover key international fixtures too.

Our well-informed presenters and skilled specialist reporters deliver up-to-the-minute goal flashes from all of the major European leagues, along with knowledgeable analysis, discussion, debate and reports.

The current programme hours are 12:30pm to 7.30pm every Saturday and 1pm to 7pm every Sunday.

7. Video

We can produce a range of video content across any sport or topic. This includes our Premier League Preview videos, in which our correspondents provide a detailed insight into all of the upcoming weekend’s fixtures. Other leagues and languages are also available.

Our broadcasters can link their conversation to client odds and promotions, while it is possible to have your own branding on the video too. We are also able to create similar fans’ video blogs, ‘How To’ demonstrations, or marketing videos for an upcoming campaign or offer.

8. Ambassador Blogs

We could have a brief telephone chat with a range of football stars, journalists or any other correspondents for about 10 minutes, two or three times a week.

Rodney Marsh Final

From the information, we could then ghost write a compelling daily blog and/or create a weekly preview audio podcast to maximise your association with the personality. Punters would then come back regularly for their view, knowing they can expect a fresh update. We can extend this to social coverage as well.

9. Avatars

We can provide an avatar daily or on a more occasional basis to support your coverage of certain events. Our avatar updates are fun and help to engage the user with a range of information about a particular sport or event.

They also overcome some of the bandwidth and timing constraints associated with video content. The Pick A Pundit service, for example, can be developed into a unique offering for the European Championships or World Cup.

Media Player


10. Mobile Publishing

With the rise of smartphones, mobile publishing is becoming increasingly important. All of our key websites are displayed in mobile-friendly formats while we work with some of the biggest networks in the world to provide SMS score updates and other sports content.

ICS also builds mobile websites for clients, creates engaging and dynamic apps, and conducts mobile marketing campaigns.

11. Infographics

We combine our editorial and design skills to create highly effective infographics. These striking and attractive designs make absorbing complex information straightforward and their aesthetic quality means social sharing is optimised. There are a range of sponsorship opportunities available.

Grand National Infographic

Grand National Infographic

Epsom Derby

Epsom Derby Infographic

Infographics work best in the sports betting industry due to the considerable number of odds and statistics available on particular sporting events. Being able to offer two angles on every story means there is loads of potential for creating interesting and informative infographics for punters.

12. Translation

ICS has teams based in the UK and around the world, and can create written, audio and video content in over 60 languages. Our teams have expert local knowledge and can provide content in any style to suit.

We can also write in American and Australian Standard English as well as British English, while our website Sport In A Storm features daily content in 8 different languages.

13. Other things we do

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital PR/SEO/Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Poker/Casino/Bingo Content
  • Telephony
  • Lottery Services


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