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Independent Content Services Limited (ICS) are true gaming and betting multimedia specialists with a growing international focus. We can produce quality bespoke content in over 60 languages, and we currently work with a number of major operators in the gambling sector.

We employ a number of specialist broadcasters, journalists and analysts both in our UK Head Office and around the world.

As a result, we are able to produce and broadcast a wide range of live sports commentaries, radio programmes and audio news bulletins, as well as providing tailored video services.



1. Commentary

Audio commentary is the best way for punters to stay involved with their chosen match and bet in-play simultaneously.

Over the past couple of years, our Audio Commentary service has grown considerably and has proven to be very popular with punters.

In a betting environment, audio commentary works particularly well as aural and visual senses complement each other. Live odds and in-play betting opportunities are enhanced by an appropriate commentary as, unlike video, the visual senses are not compromised.

Consequently, punters are able to make more informed in-play betting choices by following a match or event through commentary.

We can provide commentaries in a range of languages and styles.

Football Commentary

To make best use of the audio, we suggest making it available to punters in two ways:

  1. Embed the stream for a particular match in the corresponding in-play betting page. Customers can then click on an audio symbol to hear that match.
  2. Provide an always available radio button which opens a player (like the example below). The menu allows listeners to switch between games or sports.
Media Player

Media Player

1.1 Football

ICS can supply at least 720 matches per annum in any language including English. This includes:

  • The Premier League
  • Leading weekly games in La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga
  • The top Champions League games
  • The top Europa League games
  • Major Cup finals
  • Selected internationals
  • All Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018 matches

Other leagues and languages are available on request.

Russian Football Commentary

1.2 Horse Racing

ICS is the official distributor of horse racing commentary for all race meetings in the UK and Ireland.

Numerous meetings are scheduled daily and with races every few minutes, Great Britain and Ireland’s horse racing commentary service provides racing fans with an opportunity to engage with the sport. Horse racing commentary listeners are by definition punters who want to follow the excitement of their betting and are often valuable customers and regular bettors.

Racing is a trusted and popular sport which is growing in interest worldwide. We can provide commentary in a range of languages, including English, Russian and Hebrew.

1.3 Greyhounds

ICS is steeped in greyhound coverage and supplies official live commentary on a daily basis for all BAGS meetings, seven days a week. Expert presenters provide engaging race previews with all the latest betting information followed by thrilling live commentary as soon as the dogs break from the traps.

Greyhound racing is an exciting and simple sport to follow in any language, and with races every few minutes throughout the day, it provides punters with countless ongoing betting opportunities.

In addition to streamed live commentary, radio and telephone services, our specialist teams provide video greyhound previews, news and tips.

1.4 Other Sports

Here at ICS, we also produce commentary on other sports such as all England cricket matches and major cricket tournaments. We provide engaging ball-by-ball commentary of all of the action with expert analysis between balls to capture the full flavour of each match. With dedicated coverage of Test, ODI and Twenty20 cricket, ICS are passionate about this globally popular sport.

We also provide coverage of specialist major sporting events including the Rugby Union World Cup, the Ryder Cup and Wimbledon.

2. Radio Programming

2.1 Football Live

Football Live is a comprehensive, compelling and fast-paced live radio show, which features match build-up, team news, live reports and score updates every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Football Live Example

Every major European league is covered, including the Premier League (England), Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy) and Ligue 1 (France). International qualifiers and tournaments are also featured.

2.2 Cheltenham Radio

We are proud to be the providers of Cheltenham Radio, the official radio station of Cheltenham Racecourse.

We broadcast live from the course with interviews, race previews and analysis, commentary and travel updates every race day, including during the four-day long Cheltenham Festival. The show is transmitted on FM and online.

Cheltenham Radio

Cheltenham Radio

3. Telephony

We create and deliver audio bulletins which can be distributed as part of a telephone service. We can supply compelling news, sport, entertainment and information content on a revenue share agreement.

Long Ball Feature

We are able to offer the following:


International & National.


By sport & By team.


Results for draws around the world including UK, Euro, Irish, Spanish, Italian and US lotteries.


Daily market updates on the latest UK meat prices.


Daily horoscopes to your phone.


Daily forecasts direct to your phone.

4. Voice Over

ICS are able to offer voice over and scripting services for a variety of projects.

We work closely with several virtual sports providers to provide a complete package, which they are then able to deliver to their customers.

As with all of our services, we are able to deliver voice overs in any language, and we can deliver the audio in any required format.



ICS can produce a range of video content across any sport or topic and for any event.

1. Football Previews

  • By Match
  • By Fixture List

We specialise in football content and our Premier League Preview videos, in which our correspondents provide a detailed insight into all of the upcoming weekend’s fixtures, are very popular. Other leagues and languages are available on request.

Our broadcasters can link their conversation to client odds and promotions, while it is possible to have your own branding in the video too. We are also able to create similar fans’ video blogs and marketing videos for an upcoming campaign or offer.

We can also create a variety of fun videos which are ideal for sharing on social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

2. Horse Racing Previews

Like our football previews, we are also able to produce bespoke videos for a range of other sports, including horse racing.

We can preview the biggest races of the year, for example the Grand National and the Derby, in an informative and engaging way, while incorporating a client’s latest odds and offers.

3. How To Guides

We can also provide How To Guides and instructional videos on a range of topics.

4. Avatars

We can provide an avatar daily or on a more occasional basis to support your coverage of certain events.

As a fun way of engaging with the user, our avatars keep the user informed with information about a particular sport or event. They also overcome some of the bandwidth and timing constraints associated with video content.


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